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The Shadow

The Shadow, a crime drama, debuted in 1930 and instantly became a national sensation. Broadcast from 1930 to 1954, The Shadow's tremendous popularity lasted for more than two decades. Sponsored by Blue Coal, the series was created by Walter Gibson, who made Lamont Cranston, known as the Shadow, the most famous crime fighter. Gibson's creation ushered in an era of pulp magazine superheroes, such as The Green Lama and Batman. The Shadow Magazine was first released in 1931 and Gibson would continue to write for a total of more than 280 issues. Among the many actors, Orson Wells, Bill Johnstone, and Bret Morrison were perhaps the most liked voices for the Shadow. Agnes Moorehead starred as Margo Lane, Cranston's sidekick and romantic companion. At its peak, the show boasted 15 million audience a week. Today, The Shadow is considered the synonym for old time radio.

Each show opens with an eerie, spine-chilling announcement, "Who knows . . . what evil . . . lurks . . . in the hearts of men? . . . The Shadow knows!"

When justice is restored, the Shadow wraps up his case in a memorable closing, " The weed of crime bears bitter fruit . . . crime does not pay! . . . The Shadow knows!"

There are 234 shows in our collection! Date Aired
Death House Rescue September 26, 1937
Circle of Death November 28, 1937
The Voice of Death December 26, 1937
The Death Triangle December 12, 1937
Murder By the Dead October 17, 1937
The Temple Bells of Neban October 24, 1937
The Three Ghosts October 31, 1937
First Show with Orson Welles & Agnes Morehead September 26, 1937
The Caverns of Death September 11, 1938
Traffic in Death September 25, 1938
Death Under the Chapel September 4, 1938
Power of the Mind July 3, 1938
The Hospital Murders August 14, 1938
The Death Stalks October 9, 1938
The Black Abbot October 2, 1938
Aboard the Steamship July 17, 1938
Tenor with a Broken Voice August 14, 1938
The Mine Hunters August 7, 1938
The Blind Beggar Dies June 26, 1938
White God July 10, 1938
The Tomb of Terror August 28, 1938
Gun Island October 23, 1938
Guest of Death December 18, 1938
Message from the Hills July 31, 1938
Firebug June 19, 1938

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